We wanted a way to give back to all of our loyal customers so we found the easiest and most fun way to do so! Pizzeria Pezzo has partnered with Belly Card. Below are some answers to the more common questions about the program or ask your server for more details.

What are Pizza Perks?
Pizza Perks are points that are earned for every dine in visit at Pezzo. Points can be claimed for rewards and discounts. Each dine in visit equals 50 points or more.

How do I use Pizza Perks, powered by Belly?
It is very easy: Provide your email, receive a Belly Card or download Belly app and start earning points.

What’s in it for me?
Dine in at Pezzo. Get points. Claim rewards. Repeat.

Do you keep my e-mail address private?
Yes, once you sign up the only e-mails you will receive are from Pezzo, maybe once a month unless it’s your birthday or anniversary. Then expect a special “perk”.